Jungle World (Pledger Sticker Book)

Earth Sciences
The jungle is home to more living things than any other place on earth, from furry animals like tigers to soaring birds and buzzing insects. It’s a place of true beauty that will fascinate kids—especially when it’s brought to life by Maurice Pledger’s Jungle World! With more than 200 oversized stickers that kids can insert into Pledger’s stunning illustrations of jungle scenes, it’s easier than ever for them to learn what life is like in this amazing habitat. They’ll journey through the rain forest, traveling to the treetops in every shade of brilliant green. Drawn to the detailed illustrations of animals like parakeets and toucans, they’ll add their own butterfly and be surprised that even squirrels fly in the jungle when they investigate the extensive selection of stickers. In the tangle of branches stretching for miles above the jungle floor, they’ll learn about geckos, sloths, and fruit bats, and complete the scene with tree frog and lizard stickers. And on the jungle floor, they’ll find the tortoise and the jewel beetle, and stick a mouse into this inviting habitat. By the time they’re done, they’ll know more about the jungle than ever before.

66 Books One Story: A Guide to Every Book of the Bible

If you've read the Bible, you probably know some of the important battles, a good chunk of the life of Jesus, maybe a Psalm or two - but what do you know about the minor prophets and the epistles? Do you have some loose ends that need tying up? This is where a book like this helps. The Bible has one author - God - so we need to see the Bible as a whole, as God's Word. Every book of the Bible is the breath of God and the plan of Salvation spans all of Scripture. In this Bible overview each book of the Bible is summarised; background given; themes and theology explained.

Used Book in Good Condition