Feed Your Head - Scalp Treatment Serum

Hair Care
Made with a unique active complex of sugar cane and fruit extracts, and alpha-Hydroxy acid which help clear follicles of build-up of dead skin cells. This allows thicker hair growth and looks after your hair and scalp at a cellular level. In each dropper of serum there's a really small ninja who, when released, proceeds to throw down on your scalp. Awesome!

Scalp treatment serum with extracts from Clover Flower, Sugar Cane, Apple, Lemon and Green Tea. Helps reduce hair loss, scalp aging and restores hair to a normal growth cycle. Provide more functional and firmly rooted hair follicles.
Anti Hair-loss and Re-growth Complex is a biomimetic peptide infused with Red Clover Flower extract. Helps stop hair loss and stimulates hair growth.
Amino Acid Blend of amino acids and Sodium PCA that add moisture and fight aging of the scalp and hair.
Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 is a sophisticated active for effective moisturisation and improves the appearance of hair.
Size: 3.4 fl. oz.

12" Accent Piece Marble Mosaic Art Tile

Decorative Tiles
Mosaics have endless uses and infinite possibilities! They can be used indoors or outdoors, be part of your kitchen, decorate your bathroom and the bottom of your pools, cover walls and ceilings, or serve as frames for mirrors and paintings.

All natural stones
Completely hand-made
Beautiful design
Timeless artwork that will last a lifetime
Uses and display locations are unlimited!